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sunglasses uv protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are higher in energy and do not fall within the realm of visible light. While many people refer to ultraviolet radiation as UV light, the term technically is incorrect because you cannot see UV rays.

The three categories of invisible high-energy UV rays are:

  • UVC rays. These are the highest-energy UV rays and potentially could be the most harmful to your eyes and skin. Fortunately, the atmosphere's ozone layer blocks virtually all UVC rays.

    But this also means depletion of the ozone layer potentially could allow high-energy UVC rays to reach the earth's surface and cause serious UV-related health problems. UVC rays have wavelengths of 100-280 nanometer (nm).
  • UVB rays. These have slightly longer wavelengths (280-315 nm) and lower energy than UVC rays. These rays are filtered partially by the ozone layer, but some still reach the earth's surface.

    In low doses, UVB radiation stimulates the production of melanin (a skin pigment), causing the skin to darken, creating a suntan.

    But in higher doses, UVB rays cause sunburn that increases the risk of skin cancer. UVB rays also cause skin discolorations, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging of the skin.
  • UVA rays. These are closer to visible light rays and have lower energy than UVB and UVC rays. But UVA rays can pass through the cornea and reach the lens and retina inside the eye.

    Overexposure to UVA radiation has been linked to the development of certain types of cataracts, and research suggests UVA rays may play a role in development of macular degeneration.

UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin of your eyelid but also the cornea, lens and other parts of the eye. UV exposure also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts and possibly macular degeneration, People with low blood plasma levels of vitamin C and other antioxidants especially appear at risk of retinal damage from HEV radiation.

When you're choosing sunglasses, look for UV-protection details on product labels. Choose sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. Skip sunglasses that neglect to offer details about their UV protection. Keep in mind that the color and degree of darkness sunglasses provide have nothing to do with the sunglasses ability to block UV rays. Also, opt for wraparound sunglasses or close-fitting sunglasses with wide lenses that protect your eyes from every angle.

Children generally spend much more time outdoors than adults, children are more susceptible to retinal damage from UV rays because the lens inside a child's eye is clearer than an adult lens, enabling more UV to penetrate deep into the eye.

Therefore, make sure your kids eyes are protected from the sun with good quality sunglasses. Also, encourage your child to wear a hat on sunny days to further reduce UV exposure.

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While many people choose sunglasses lens colors purely for aesthetic reasons, the color of the lens can vary depending on style, fashion, and purpose. Did you know that different lens colors actually serve different purposes? The tint of your sunglasses lenses can enhance your depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in different environments, improving your performance across a number of sports and activities.

For general use, black, yellow, red, grey, green, or brown are recommended to avoid or minimize color distortion. Please see our color guide charts below for a quick lens-tint comparison. Then, read more about the unique features and benefits of each lens color in the descriptions below.

Sunglasses Lens Color for Conditions

Sunglasses Lens Color for Conditions

Sunglasses Lens Color for Activity

Sunglasses Lens Color for Activity

Sunglasses Lens Color for Features & Benefits

Sunglasses Lens Color for Features & Benefits

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Picking out the ideal sunglasses for your face shape isn't as easy as you might think, It maybe take some time and a few good long looks in the mirror. How do you find the right shape to fit your face? One pair is too big, the next is too small, and even if you get the right size, are you certain they're the most flattering style? First, you'll need to figure out your face shape( round, oval, heart, or square...). Knowing yourself is key, face shape is important, but so is individuality. Our easy-to-use guide will help you find the right fit.

Outline Your Face

Outline Your Face

Find Your Face Shape

Face Shape

Find Your Style

Find Your Style

Here are some tips when trying on a pair of sunglasses:

  • Frames should fit snugly on your nose and ears, but not pinch or rub.
  • The weight of sunglasses should be evenly distributed between your ears and nose. Frames should be light enough to avoid excess friction on these contact points.
  • Your eyelashes should not contact the frame.
  • You may be able to adjust the fit of metal or wire-core frames by carefully bending the frame at the bridge and/or temples.
  • You may be able to adjust nosepieces by pinching them closer together or farther apart.
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Modern swimwear has effectively transcended the borders of functional utility to become more of a fashion statement. The style of a swimwear can accentuate all of the best features of a woman. It's important to know the features and benefits of each style, as some can assist in enhancing your figure! Here's our guide to choosing the perfect swimwear for you. You are sure to find the perfect swimwear that you feel confident in after reading our guide. We will help you find out which style will flaunt your figure and have you looking like a total beach babe in no time!

Women's Body Shaped

Swimwear for Banana Shaped Women

To create that body balance the banana shape needs to visually create more curves. This can be achieved by putting emphasis on the bust and hips and making them appear fuller.

Banana figures should try and create the illusion of curves. Banana figures will look fab in bandeau costumes, having a smaller bust will suit the style of the swimwear. They will also create the appearance of a more curvy, feminine you with its almost sweetheart neck line.

To add width to the hips and help create curves, this is easiest done by going for bottoms with ruffles or other frilly fabric. Horizontal patterns or stripes will look good on bikini bottoms as this will have the visual effect of widening the hips.

Swimwear for Apple Shaped Women

When looking for swimwear the same guidelines will apply, whether you are looking for a costume for swimming, sunbathing or just beach wear the ideal one piece will have wider straps and possibly also have an un-padded inner bust and stomach support too.

To create that body balance the apple needs to take emphasis away from the bust, shoulders and stomach and draw the eye to the bottom half of your body.

As bikinis can be bought as separates they can be easily mixed and matched, allowing you to using design, pattern and colour to create that perfect bikini for an apple shaped woman.

The ideal swimwear will have a plain top half design that will visually reduce the bust area and a patterned bottom are that will put emphasis on the lower half and balance out the figure.

Swimwear for Pear Shaped Women

One of the most common women's body types, To create that body balance the pear shape woman should take emphasis away from the hips and draw it to the top half of your body. As bikinis are separate tops and bottoms they can be mixed and matched using design, pattern and colour to create that perfect bikini for a pear shaped woman.

The pear shaped body is larger on the bottom and narrow on the shoulder. Swimwear for pear body shapes should ideally focus attention on the chest and away from the hips. This can be done by using padding to provide lift to the cleavage area. pear shapes can be accentuated with a bright, printed top and a subdued bottom.

Pear shaped figures should go for halter neck tankini tops, they will help to maximise the bust and broaden the shoulders too. Halter neck bikinis are also perfect for creating a fab cleavage and will help draw eyes up top.

For pear shapes or women who don't need the full support of an under-wired bikini consider a more padded non-wired top, this will help you appear bigger up top if that's what you're aiming for.

Avoid bikini bottoms with side ties that fall on the hips as this will draw attention to that area and make you look bigger.

Avoid bikini bottoms that have a broad waistband that runs horizontal across the hips as again this emphasizes the hips. The same rule applies or horizontal stripes.

Swimwear for Hourglass Shaped Women

Being hourglass your very lucky, This is often referred to as the ideal body shape. you can be bold in your swimwear choice and select a design that shows off your features. Most styles will suit you as long as they don't knock you out of proportion, just try different styles on and see what you feel best in. To create that body balance the hourglass woman needs to take emphasis away from the bust shoulders and stomach and draw the eye to the bottom half of your body. As bikinis can be bought as separates they can be easily mixed and matched using design, pattern and colour to create that perfect bikini for an hourglass shaped woman.

Thicker straps are best for women with bigger bust such as the hourglass figures as they provide more support.

Under wiring in bikini tops will also help lift your large breasts. A longer tankini top can be a good choice as they come with supporting control panels to help suck you in and emphasise that tiny waist even more.

Avoid padded bikini tops as this will make you look bigger breasted.

To avoid your hips looking bigger you will need to avoid heavy design or ties that lie at the side of the hip on the bikini bottoms. Any chunky waistband design that sits on the hips or horizontal stripes will widen the hip area too so you want to avoid this if you are a cuddly hourglass.

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Swimwear come in variety of styles and these styles tend to change with the latest trends. Before buying a swimwear, women should know that there are several different types of swimwear and hundreds of different styles to choose from. A woman should familiarize herself with the different types of swimwear. Each style has its own benefit and purpose; some swimwear can be more revealing drawing more attention to you and some can enhance particular areas of your body to make you look more attractive.

Whether you are looking swimwear for fun or comfort, the following guide will be of great help in deciding which swimwear is best for you. There are two types:

One Piece Swimwear

One piece swimwear, as the name suggests, are made from a single piece of fabric. The top and the bottom are connected with fabric, and depending on the style of the one piece swimwear, they can provide a varying amount of coverage. They are popular among the ladies who want to avoid exposure of areas which they don't want to reveal.

The table below lists and describes that various types of one piece swimwear.

  • Maillot: These are customary one piece tanks suits. They come in different styles that can increase your comfort or add more style to your appearance. They provide the most covering which means you can also decorate your swimwear with add-on apparels like belt or piece of fabric. You can also customize your suit to make it focus on particular body areas.
  • Fitness: Fitness swimwear are for those ladies who are more into swimming than sunbathing on the beach or playing volleyball. These suits provide the perfect mobility of hands and legs that makes it perfect for swimming.
  • Skirted: These types of swimwear are for ladies who want more coverage around thigh area without affecting their appearance. This can be favorable option for young mothers who acquire stretch marks on their thighs and want to hide them.
  • Monokini: It is the most fashionable one piece swimwear. The varying crescent cut fabric from the sides of the swimwear adds more magnetism to the appearance. It is for the ladies who want to expose their exceptional body figure and the side curves.
  • Keyhole: This swimwear contains a removed patch of cloth, revealing a portion of skin. The small portion of revealing skin makes the swimwear decent yet more charming. It is best suited for ladies who do not want to reveal much nor hide, but modest.
  • Slingshot: It is the most daring swimwear as it exposes the body to a great extent. It uses one piece of cloth that barely covers the breast and connects to the bottom mostly with a thong. This bold outfit is for girls who want to pose by the beach or want to be a center of attention.

Two-Piece Swimwear

Two piece swimwear, also known as bikinis, have tops and bottoms that are two separate pieces. Different tops and bottoms provide varying amounts of coverage which may be more or less than the one piece swimwear. These are the most popular types of suits as they have wide selection of outfits. they can worn by every women regardless of their age.

Swimwear Tops

  • Triangle Top Bikini: Just like the name indicates, it consists of triangle shaped panels that tie around the neck and in the back. They have the advantage of making adjustments so that women can alter the top to enhance their breast curves. There is a wide selection of bottoms that can go with triangle bottom bikinis.
  • Halter Top Bikini: These bikinis are similar to triangle top except that they have wider straps and often don't allow adjustments. These can provide more support to large breasted women. Small breasted ladies can also use a benefit of uplift.
  • Bandeau Top Bikini: Bandeau tops consist of cloth that wraps around the breast like a band. It can be supported shoulder by straps but mostly not. This outfit is suitable for sun bathing women who want to prevent tan lines for shoulder straps.
  • Tankini: A tankini is just like a tank suit but with addition of separate bottom. The top resembles to a tight shirt providing more coverage at the top whereas bottom is fashionably exposed.

Swimwear Bottoms

  • Hipster Bikini: The hipster bikini bottom have low-width which mean its fits lower on your hip then the normal full bottom. It is great for women with smaller hips or a slim waist. Hipster bikinis are available with various types of matching tops.
  • Thong Bikini: Thongs bikini is a very bold bikini which needs lots of courage and self-confidence to wear. It uses only thin strips of fabric on hips and provides maximum exposure. It also prevents tan lines that come with normal bikini bottoms.
  • String Bikini: Strings bikinis can be paired with triangle or halter top bikinis. It uses strings to tie front and back together. String bikini is the most attractive bikini, it suits best for ladies with bigger hips, who want to emphasize on their curves and figure.
  • Brazilian: Very low cut in the front and provide little coverage in the rear; not quite as revealing as a thong.
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Washing Swimwear, Bathing Suit, Bikini

Many people do not know how to properly take care of their swimwear. Furthermore, it's common for people to overlook or simply disregard the washing and care instructions found on the inside tags. This almost always leads to the wearer's disappointment and dissatisfaction. Whether you spend 50 or 500 dollars on a swimwear, taking care of your swimwear the right way is completely fundamental to its longevity. Follow these steps and you'll be able to enjoy your beautiful swimwear for many years to come.

  • Know that chlorine can ruin your swimwear. Make sure to frequently check your pool and hot tubs chlorine content. If it is too high, the excessive amount of chlorine can break down the spandex of the swimwear, which will ruin the shape of your swimwear. Also, too much chlorine can accelerate fading of the fabric.
  • Steer clear of rough surfaces. Sitting or rubbing against textured pool decks and any rough edges can ruin the smooth and luxurious texture of your swimwear.
  • Avoid getting excess lotions and oils on your swimwear. Sunscreen, tanning oils, and cosmetics can be harmful to swimwear. Make sure to rinse and wash your swimwear as soon as possible.
  • Rinse your swimwear in cold water after each wear. By rinsing your swimwear in cold water, you will help remove the excess salt and chlorine. This is an important step to take before washing.
  • Avoid washing swimwear in electric washing machines. Although your washing machine may be set to cycle gently, it could still be way too rough. Washing machines can ruin the shape, fabric, and padding, as well as any delicate embellishments, stones, or beading. Therefore wash your swimwear by hand in cold water; warm water is acceptable too. Always use a mild soap that is meant for delicate fabrics.
  • Embellished / decorative styles generally have special wash care needs and extra care should be taken to prolong the life of the embellishment whether it be sequins, beadings or prints. Please ensure these type of products are hand washed only.
  • Gently squeeze the water out of your swimwear after washing. Be gentle and do not wring or twist your swimwear roughly, as this could ruin its shape.
  • Do not dry your swimwear in an electric dryer. Similar to electric washing machines, electric dryers can be too rough for the fragile material of swimwear. In a shaded and well ventilated area, lay your swimwear flat out to dry. By laying it flat, you will diminish the appearance of wrinkles and creases.
  • Also, try to alternate swimwear while wearing rather than using a particular one for a longer period of time. Generally, a swimwear requires 24 hours after washing, to return to its original shape.

With just a few simple precautions you can insure the longevity and enjoyment of your swimwear!

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